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NEW ARTICLE: Bioprocessing releases nutritionally interesting compounds from recalcitrant rye bran structure

2.9.2013 6:34


Bioprocessing offers solutions to tackle challenges in utilizing physiologically interesting compounds in the recalcitrant bran. The highly complex and insoluble structure of bran hinders accessibility of beneficial components such as dietary fibre, phytochemicals and protein for gastrointestinal digestion.

Nordlund et al studied how bioprocessing influences the microstructure and chemical properties and in vitro protein digestibility and release of short chain fatty acids and ferulic acids of rye bran and wheat bread fortified with the rye bran. They found out that bioprocessing-induced degradation of bran cell wall increased solubilisation and digestion of bran proteins and catabolism of DF complex carbohydrates and ferulic acid in in vitro digestion and colon models. The results propose that bioprocessing could be used as a tool to better utilize the proteins from cereal bran in nutrition. Thus, in addition to a source of DF, cereal bran could be exploited as a multifunctional nutritional component to improve the quality of human diet.

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Nordlund E, Katina K, Aura A-M, Poutanen K. Changes in bran structure by bioprocessing with enzymes and yeast modifies the in vitro digestibility and fermentability of bran protein and dietary fibre complex. J Cereal Sci 2013.

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