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NEW ARTICLE about effects of bran bioprocessing on phenolic acids absorption

2.9.2013 6:46


Lappi and colleagues investigated how bioprocessing affects absorption of phenolic acids of bran in healthy humans. They used white wheat breads fortified with bioprocessed or native rye bran. The study revealed that ingestion of white wheat bread fortified with bioprocessed rye bran increased urinary excretion of ferulic acid indicating increased absorption of ferulic acid from the small intestine. There were no differences in postprandial glucose and insulin responses between the test bread and control breads.

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Lappi J, Aura A-M, Katina K, Nordlund E, Kolehmainen M, Mykkänen H, Poutanen K. Comparison of postprandial phenolic acid excretions and glucose responses after ingestion of breads with bioprocessed or native rye bran. Food and Function 2013.

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