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Functional skin care formulations, food supplements and other added value products from high protein and high oil containing co-streams have been developed in APROPOS project

3.12.2013 8:19


APROPOS project "Added value from high protein and high oil containing co-streams" started in January 2012 and has now passed almost two thirds. Some of the results of the APROPOS project are highlighted in the APROPOS newsletter. The newsletter presents the development of functional skin care formulations from rapeseed and fish protein hydrolysates, the use of supercritical high-pressure extraction technology with CO2 for removing fatty components from rapeseed press cake, the development of food supplement from fish co-streams and a two-stage thermo-enzymatic processing method of salmon co-streams. In addition the project SME partner Ecofoster Group describes its experiences in being a partner in an international research project. The project is funded by European Commission within the Seventh Framework Programme FP7-KBBE-2011-5.

Download the APROPOS newsletter from attached file below.

For more information about the project:

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