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EuroSense 2014 conference: New presentation and posters

23.9.2014 6:36


Sixth European Conference on Sensory and Consumer Research EuroSense 2014: A Sense of Life was held in Copenhagen on 7-10 September. EuroSense conference series has evolved as one of the leading events in sensory research, and it is organised every second year. The conference gathered about 550 attendees mainly from Europe but with an increasing number of non-European participants. Over 40 oral presentations and about 350 posters were presented. Sensory across the lifespan was one of the topics covering presentations on sensory aspects of especially seniors but also children. School meals were shown to be quite well accepted by children but the importance of the environment on acceptance seems to be understated. Food memories are different for seniors depending of age – seniors in age of +75 y have different food memories than 65-74 y seniors. This highlights the importance of developing food products for well-defined consumer groups. Other topics covered innovations in sensory research offering novel design and pleasure, such as use of social media like Twitter as a tool. Also unconscious priming was discussed: Products and also context have been deeply studied in sensory research by far but now also the impact of emotions has been noticed to have importance in food consumption.

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