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Conference on Capabilities of Vegetable Proteins – new presentations

4.6.2013 11:06


19th International Scientific Conference on "Capabilities of Vegetable Proteins" organized by IGV Institut für Getreideverarbeitung GmbH took place on 15th-16th of April 2013 in Nuthetal, OT Bergholz-Rehbrücke, Germany. The conference was organized based on the following grounds; In the years ahead, the continued increase in the production and utilization of vegetable proteins will become the focus of business and research in many European countries including Germany. Despite being one of the main plant sources of proteins, little attention has been paid to legumes over the past years, either with regard to agricultural techniques, breeding and cultivation, technology, biochemistry, nutritional science, ecology or economy. Added to that, the possible benefits of proteins from grains, potatoes and other plants have not yet been sufficiently studied. The conference on the "Capabilities of Vegetable Proteins" intended to offer a platform for sharing existing knowledge, introducing required examinations and discussing the expectations of producers, consumers and authorities.

Twenty four speeches and around twenty five posters were presented during the conference. Individuals (around 120 participants) from research institutes (mainly in Germany), food industry (both product and ingredient producers as well as processing equipment, e.g. extruders, companies), marketing and public communication experts and members of official authorities were present. The conference covered technological and nutritional aspects of using plant proteins (specifically wheat, pea, oats, lupin, soy, faba beans, potatoes, rapeseed proteins) as functional food ingredients in development of high protein baked goods, replacement of dairy and egg-based emulsifiers, foaming agents, and design of texturized food stuff mimicking meat (protein fibration technology). Also efficient techniques for protein fractionation and/or recovery from waste streams were discussed. Recent consumer demands (vegetarian, non-dairy etc.) and relevant product claims were also debated. Raija Lantto and Dilek Ercili-Cura from VTT presented talks titled 'Added value from rapeseed presscake' and 'Oat proteins as functional ingredients', respectively.

Download attached presentations below:

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