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A new project and seminar on nanoemulsions and encapsulation

19.11.2012 10:49


A new joint project (2012-2014) funded by the Academy of Finland (SA) and Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) aims at developing carriers acting as oxygen barriers for lipids in order to facilitate food formulation applications of oxygen sensitive lipids. The project consortium consists of VTT, Kagawa University, Kyoto University, Okayama University, Hyogo University and Kinki University.

Development of smart functional ingredients in complex food formulations is of increasing importance for the food industry. The highly unsaturated lipids are extremely prone to oxidation which makes the attempt to widen their use in food formulations a real challenge. Based on the available literature and knowledge, a breakthrough carrier system for incorporation of oxygen sensitive oils in foods is still lacking. Approaches towards better control over the stability of sensitive compounds against oxidation have mainly been based on controlling the physical state of the matrix. The linkage between the physical state and the rate and mechanisms of chemical reactions is far from being fully understood but extremely important aspect if aiming to achieve successful control of food stability.

The joint project started in summer as Dr Riitta Partanen from VTT visited Kagawa University and started in practice efforts towards development of better carriers. The project will include several scientific visits between Japan and Finland.

The first Finnish-Japanese symposium "Nano-emulsions and encapsulation for delivering functionality in foods" was held in October 24-25th at VTT. Participants from both countries were involved with the aim to describe the partner's fields of interests and to continue, broaden and strengthening the collaboration which has been on-going for more than ten years between prof Hidefumi Yoshii from Kagawa University and VTT.


For more information:

Proceedings of The first Finnish-Japanese symposium "Nano-emulsions and encapsulation for delivering functionality in foods"


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