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10th Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium was held in Rio de Janeiro

30.9.2013 11:23


The biannual Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium was held in August 11-15. Delegates from 47 countries, representing the academia and industry in sensory and consumer science and related fields, convened in Rio de Janeiro. The event was now organized for the first time in South America. The Symposium has grown in size and scope throughout its two decades of existence, since it was first organized in 1992 in Finland.

Food quality, sensory perception and consumer preference continue to be the core themes of the symposium. Topics ranged from advances in research methodologies in sensory and consumer sciences; relationships between sensory and instrumental measurements to studies on cross-modal perception (interactions between different senses).

Interesting views to sensory and consumer research were also provided by speakers from the field of neuroscience. Sensory science is traditionally about measuring subjective perceptions: What it feels like? What it sounds like? However, the current advances in neuroscience provide tools to expand understanding also to the responses arising from the unconscious mind.

Senior Scientist Janne Laine from VTT attended the conference and presented a poster proposing new visual data collection methods for web surveys and shared experiences of applying the methods in market research cases. 

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