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Rye experts gathered in Gothenburg - VTT showcased rye processing expertise
Europe taking actions for promoting protein self-sufficiency - November seminar gathered people in Finland
Learn about nutrition via escape room games!
VTT’s fish meat extrusion expertise presented at the 49th WEFTA conference’s-fish-meat-extrusion-expertise-presented-at-the-49th-wefta-conference
Food technology innovations of VTT presented at the 33rd EFFoST International Conference
New VTT Launchpad project Volare valorizes industry sidestreams
The steps towards smart food production in 2050 presented at Otaniemi - watch the seminar recording
Findings from the StopDia at Work -intervention presented at the 13th European Nutrition Conference
Food safety and quality – Prevention is better than cure–-prevention-is-better-than-cure
VTT's new snack machine prepares healthy Scoothies on demand


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