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New review evaluates how cereal seed sprouting influences its nutritional and technological properties
crEATe innovation ecosystem was launched
Bugi2018 – First insect food festival in Finland–-first-insect-food-festival-in-finland
Dissertation about new hybrid yeast for fermented beverages
Improved Fusarium management with new biocontrol concepts - BIOTEHO project has initiated
Recent study reports differential evolution of Strecker and non-Strecker aldehydes during aging of pale and dark beers
Cellular agriculture concepts were presented in the 11th Protein Summit
New paper proposes phytase treatment to improve digestibility of faba bean protein
VTT’s scientist presented diverse cereal related research topics in AACCI annual meeting’s-scientist-presented-diverse-cereal-related-research-topics-in-aacci-annual-meeting
New findings about rice bran and rice protein were presented in EFFoST conference


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