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Customer Account Lead Heidi Salminen joined VTT’s Food Solutions team’s-food-solutions-team
Scientists and industry representatives gathered to discuss topical issues in cereal science - download presentations
New article on ingredient requirements to enable personalized point-of-consumption food preparation
New article reveals consumers’ views on a snack machine producing healthy and customized foods at point of consumption’-views-on-a-snack-machine-producing-healthy-and-customized-foods-at-point-of-consumption
Dry fractionation of rice bran allows protein enrichment and improves techno-functional properties
PhD thesis of Kristoffer Krogerus brings new information on lager beer yeasts
Solution from VTT to prevent beer bottle explosions
Limited hydrolysis enhanced foaming properties and colloidal stability of rice protein
Food from air with a new process – collaborative research by LUT and VTT–-collaborative-research-by-lut-and-vtt
New action plan from VTT and VYR to enhance protein self-sufficiency in Finland


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