Nutritech - Rethinking the Food Chain

HEALTH AND WELLBEING area in the Nutritech Innovation Platform focuses on establishing knowledge and business opportunities in the fields of Nutrition and health interaction, Gut microbiota in relation to well-being and Understanding consumer health and nutrition motivation.

Health and well-being through eating

Public health is a both a key issue of our societies and a major driver in food business. While food technologies offer multiple possibilities for development of new foods and ingredients, we need to understand how foods influence our metabolism, and substantiate both health effects and safety.

Why Health and Wellbeing?

We aim to elucidate the physiological effects induced by foods and diets, and to find food factors relevant for health maintenance and reducing risks of chronic diseases.

We offer expertise in substantiating nutritional and health claims of foods and diets, and for screening of functional ingredients. We search for new targets to serve as early biomarkers of disease pathogenesis, and help in identification of new dietary means in reduction the risk of chronic diseases. We also offer tools to evaluate the cost effectiveness of healthy foods and diets.

Understanding consumer health and nutrition motivation is one of the key focus research fields in the Nutrition and Health area. We focus on exploitation of modern technologies for promotion of healthier food choices and eating behaviour among consumers. We study consumers´ decision making processes and develop products and services, monitoring and motivating tools as well as tailored food and packaging solutions supporting personalized and healthy diet.

We use our consumer research and data mining of the physiological feedback data to develop tailored solutions and services for diverging consumer groups. We'll reach this by combining the consumer understanding the different technologies from our wide knowledge base, including intelligent food, packaging and wellness technologies, ICT, diagnostics, and expertise on systems biology. We help industry to predict and influence consumers' attitude formation when new products, technologies and services are designed and launched.

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