Nutritech - Rethinking the Food Chain

FUTURE FOOD FACTORY area of Nutritech is rethinking the food chain with a philosophy "More value – less loss and waste". Food production and human nutrition are subject to rapidly changing economic and societal environments with an increasing demand of high quality foods for the ageing and growing world population, with simultaneous demand for efficient use of agricultural raw materials. Roughly one-third (1.3 billion ton/year) of the edible parts of food produced for human consumption gets lost or wasted globally. This amount accounts the food processing wastes, but also the edible food mass that is lost, discarded or degraded in different stages of food supply chain like production, postharvest handling, processing, distribution and consumption. These challenges have to be tackled by the process and product development of food processing industry worldwide.

The Future Food Factory of Nutritech focuses on controlled modification and re-inventing the food chain for efficient and sustainable processing and production, not forgetting food safety. We aim to develop technologies for efficient food manufacturing processes, as well as for sustainable and intelligent food packaging. Food processing systems must also be designed to detect and compensate for any changes that might be due to differences in raw materials quality or caused during processing to have consistent high quality products.

To develop of efficient, sustainable and safe food products and processes, the focus areas of Future Food Factory include:

  • Resource efficient production systems: less waste, less energy
  • Efficient manufacturing processes by automation and robotics
  • Development of new and more unrefined ingredients for foods with reduced energy density
  • Development of new plant based foods to meet the dietary and sustainability requirements, especially replacement of animal-based raw materials
  • Water and waste technologies
  • Sustainable and intelligent food packaging
  • Safety throughout the food chain
  • Versatile, economic and robust sensor technologies for efficient food processing and analysis
  • Transfer of developed technologies to companies involved in food chain

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