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Food Solutions

WATCH VTT WEBINAR: Microbes - The New Designers of Food Structure and Taste

Are you interested in plant-based proteins? Can you increase the dietary fibre content of snack products without compromising the taste and texture? Is it possible to tailor food structure and flavour without food additives, using natural processing tools? Can you decrease the number of E-coded additives in your products? Watch the VTT webinar and learn by case-examples how microbes can tailor the food structure and taste:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYeJ2lpPq6o For more information:Thi...

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Gluten-free faba bean for bread and pasta

VTT has developed food application technologies for an ancient domestic protein crop - faba beans. The nutritious and protein-rich faba beans are mostly used for feed. VTT introduced food product concepts that enable the use of the beans as a food ingredient. Hybrid processing technologies; mechanical separation combined with bioprocessing resulted in a tasty, nutritious and protein-rich bread made from 70% faba bean flour. VTT's ingredient modification methods can also be used to make 100% faba...

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Future Food Factory

NEW PROJECT: Innovative and eco-sustainable processing and packaging for safe and high quality organic berry products

There is an increasing demand from consumers for organic berries but the industry has difficulty in meeting the needs of consumers. The global demand for organic production is growing due to an increasing interest in a healthier and more environmental friendly production of foods. Consumers expect the quality to be superior to that of conventionally produced foods, and the most important requirements and expectations are less pesticide residues, less additives during processing. The number of pr...

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Total Food 2014 conference: Sustainable exploitation of agri-food co-products

Total Food 2014, organized by the Institute of Food Research, was held on November 11 – 13 in Norwich, UK. The conference gathered representatives of the agri-food industries, consumer organisations and scientific research community, as well as legal experts on food and waste management to discuss approaches to minimizing food waste and utilizing co-products for added value. The programme focused on five topics: 1) extraction and fractionation of value-added compounds, 2) chemical and biol...

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Nutrition & Health

NEW ARTICLE: “Viking diet” - Health-promoting Nordic diet reduces inflammatory gene activity in adipose tissue

A Nordic SYSDIET study discovered that the health-promoting Nordic diet reduces the expression of inflammation-associated genes in subcutaneous adipose tissue. To a certain extent, the adverse health effects of overweight are believed to be caused by an inflammatory state in adipose tissue. Long-term research into the role of diet in the function of adipose tissue genes and inflammatory state remains scarce. The objective of the study was to find out whether the health-promoting Nordic diet a...

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NEW ARTICLE: The combination of air classification and fermentation increases the protein digestibility of faba bean matrices

Faba bean (Vicia faba L.) seeds are rich in proteins (about 30% proteins, rich in lysine), vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre but also bioactive compounds, such as antioxidants, phenols and γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA). Nevertheless, secondary metabolites that may exert an anti-nutritional effect are also present. The effects of air classification and lactic acid bacteria fermentation on the reduction of anti-nutritional factors (vicine and convicine, trypsin inhibitor activity, condensed ...

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