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Food Solutions

7th Protein Summit will be held 18 & 19 September 2014

The 7th Protein Summit organized by Bridge2Food will be held on 18 & 19 September 2014. Dr. Raija Lantto from VTT will be among speakers giving a presentation titled Added value from rapeseed press cake. The Protein Summit is the annual platform for the global protein industry looking at the future of protein supply & demand, health innovations in protein ingredients and new enabling technologies and processes. The Protein Summit will attract top executives to work on consumer, retail, s...

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Two new review articles on cereal processing have been published

The article How can technology help to deliver more of grain in cereal foods for a healthy diet?, part of a special anniversary issue of Journal of Cereal Science, reviews technologies and state-of-art in development of healthy cereal foods, such as those rich in whole grain and fibre, and with reduced glycemic response, featuring technologies in bread and biscuit baking as well as extruded products. The article Basic knowledge models for the design of bread texture proposes basic knowledge m...

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Future Food Factory

NEW REPORT: Utilisation of co-streams in the Norwegian food processing industry – A multiple case study

The CYCLE project has published a report about co-streams in the Norwegian food industry based on a multiple case study of vegetable, fish and poultry processing plants. The report describes material flows in the plants as well as chemical compositions of selected co-streams. Furthermore, the authors discussed possibilities to produce feed, energy and fertilisers from co-streams. The main author is Steffen Adler from Bioforsk - Norwegian Institute for Agricultural and Environmental Research, and...

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Authorized list of food enzymes will be set up in EU

Enzymes have long been used in food production. Until 2009 food enzymes, other than those used as food additives, were not regulated at EU level. New legislation came into force in 2009 to harmonise the use of food enzymes across the EU ((EC) No 1332/2008). The law applies to enzymes that perform any technological function in the manufacture, processing, preparation, treatment, packaging, transport and storage of food. It includes food enzymes used as processing aids but not food enzymes intende...

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Nutrition & Health

International Conference on Food Oral Processing (FOP): New presentation

FOP2014 conference covered various aspects of food oral processing: food structure, breakdown and sensory perception, design of food structure for specific consumer groups, food oral processing and regulation of food intake and modelling of oral processing. FOP2014 was held 29 June – 2 July in Wageningen, in the Netherlands. It was the 3rd conference in the series gathering around 150 attendees representing industry and research institutes from Europe, Asia, North America and Australia. VTT's re...

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The Academy of Finland announces almost one million euros in funding for VTT projects

The Academy of Finland's Research Council for Biosciences and Environment has granted Principal Scientist Riitta Puupponen-Pimiä and Senior Scientist Brian Gibson a total of EUR 891,335 in project funding. Riitta Puupponen-Pimiä's project aims at identifying the intermediates and end products of the biosynthesis of ellagitannin compounds in cloudberries and arctic brambles, as well as factors affecting the metabolism of ellagitannins. This knowledge can be used to develop more tolerant berry ...

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