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Food Solutions

VTT’s research was in key role in reproducing 170 year old beer

Divers discovered a shipwreck in the Åland archipelago in the summer of 2010. Five beer bottles were found from the shipwreck dating back to the beginning of the 1800's. The beers were analysed by VTT Technical Research Center of Finland. Microbes were isolated and identified and knowledge was gained about alcohol content, colour and bitterness of the beers. Researchers in KU Leuven University utilized the information gained from the shipwreck beers and recreated an authentic replica of the ship...

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7th Protein Summit will be held 18 & 19 September 2014

The 7th Protein Summit organized by Bridge2Food will be held on 18 & 19 September 2014. Dr. Raija Lantto from VTT will be among speakers giving a presentation titled Added value from rapeseed press cake. The Protein Summit is the annual platform for the global protein industry looking at the future of protein supply & demand, health innovations in protein ingredients and new enabling technologies and processes. The Protein Summit will attract top executives to work on consumer, retail, s...

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Future Food Factory

Nordic Life Cycle Association Symposium: Global Sustainability Challenges – two presentations

Fifth NorLCA (Nordic Life Cycle Association) Symposium "Global Sustainability Challenges with Northern Approaches" took place on 2-3 October 2014 in Reykjavik, Iceland. Themes of the symposium included Management of resources in the Arctic, Industrial symbiosis and circular economy, Energy, Waste management, Built environment, Life cycle thinking in policy making, Food industries, Life cycle thinking and communication, Fisheries, Sustainability education, Transport, logistics and electro mobilit...

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New article: European consumers’ perceptions of time-temperature indicators in food packaging

Food quality is an essential aspect of food industry. Time-temperature indicator (TTI) technology has the capability to provide information on temperature fluctuations that temperature sensitive food products have undergone. However, the adoption of the TTI technology in the consumer market has yet to materialise despite the many benefits that TTIs might bring to food manufacturers, retailers and consumers. In the study by Pennanen et al. (2014) consumers' knowledge, interest and perceptions ...

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Nutrition & Health

Two articles published about in vitro digestion models by COST-InfoGest partners

InfoGest is a COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) action that aims at building an open international network of institutes and scientists studying food digestion. InfoGest partners have published two new papers on in vitro digestion models. Simulated gastro-intestinal digestion is widely employed as a resource efficient research method prior to human trials or explaining food-related phenomena in physiological conditions. The paper of Minekus et al (2014) is a consensus paper d...

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EuroSense 2014 conference: New presentation and posters

Sixth European Conference on Sensory and Consumer Research EuroSense 2014: A Sense of Life was held in Copenhagen on 7-10 September. EuroSense conference series has evolved as one of the leading events in sensory research, and it is organised every second year. The conference gathered about 550 attendees mainly from Europe but with an increasing number of non-European participants. Over 40 oral presentations and about 350 posters were presented. Sensory across the lifespan was one of the topics ...

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