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Food Solutions

New article: Phenolic compounds in wholegrain rye and its fractions

Rye (Secale cereale L.) has traditionally had an important role in the daily diet especially in Northern and Eastern Europe, and in addition to dietary fibre, rye grain is a good source of various phytochemicals in our diet. The focus of the work of Pihlava et al (2014) was to find out how various phenolic compounds are distributed in rye grain fractions prepared by air-classification, and compare rye brans produced by different separation techniques (sieving or air classification).Based on the ...

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Bakery Products Science and Technology book – new edition

"The second edition of this successful and comprehensive overview of bakery science is revised and expanded, featuring chapters on various bread and non-bread products from around the world, as well as nutrition and packaging, processing, quality control, global bread varieties and other popular bakery products. The book is structured to follow the baking process, from the basics, flour and other ingredients, to mixing, proofing and baking."

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Future Food Factory

Total Food 2014 conference: Sustainable exploitation of agri-food co-products

Total Food 2014, organized by the Institute of Food Research, was held on November 11 – 13 in Norwich, UK. The conference gathered representatives of the agri-food industries, consumer organisations and scientific research community, as well as legal experts on food and waste management to discuss approaches to minimizing food waste and utilizing co-products for added value. The programme focused on five topics: 1) extraction and fractionation of value-added compounds, 2) chemical and biological...

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Nordic Life Cycle Association Symposium: Global Sustainability Challenges – two presentations

Fifth NorLCA (Nordic Life Cycle Association) Symposium "Global Sustainability Challenges with Northern Approaches" took place on 2-3 October 2014 in Reykjavik, Iceland. Themes of the symposium included Management of resources in the Arctic, Industrial symbiosis and circular economy, Energy, Waste management, Built environment, Life cycle thinking in policy making, Food industries, Life cycle thinking and communication, Fisheries, Sustainability education, Transport, logistics and electro mobilit...

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Nutrition & Health

New review paper: How does wheat grain, bran and aleurone structure impact their nutritional and technological properties?

Wheat grain and its technological fractions – bran and aleurone – are rich in nutritional compounds such as dietary fibre and phytochemicals, which are recognized as having high health benefits. These bioactive compounds are embedded in the complex cellular and molecular structures of the wheat matrix. The matrix structure influences their bioaccessibility and bioavailability, probably altering their metabolic and health effects. The development of nutritious and healthy cereal-based food produc...

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New article about wheat and rye bread structure, mastication process and bolus properties

Due to varying chemical compositions of flours and applied baking processes, breads form a food group with heterogeneous structures. Chemical composition, baking process and structure of breads influence their degradation in digestion leading to different postprandial responses. Rye bread has a very different structure as compared to wheat bread, and rye breads are known to induce lower postprandial insulin responses than wheat bread. The aim of the study of Pentikäinen et al (2014) was to find ...

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