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Food Solutions

PhD work: Process-induced structural features of solid cereal foams

Cellular solid cereal foams, such as extruded snacks are generally made of refined wheat flour, and lacking the protective factors of whole grains may increase the risk for obesity, type II diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Adding fibre and bran and using wholegrain would benefit the nutritional quality of this kind of foods. It is important to understand the role of structural and textural factors of different types of cereals foods, as these influences the sensory perception and dictate ce...

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NEW PROJECT: Seaweed Bioactive Ingredients

Seaweed is underutilised Nordic resource from Atlantic Ocean. It contains several bioactive compounds to be used in various industrial applications. Seaweed is for example a good source of iodine which is an essential trace element. Iodine deficiency is a problem in certain areas of Europe. Recently started Seaweed Bioactive Ingredients is a Nordic Marine Innovation 2.0 project (Mar 14311 - Seaweed bioactive ingredients with verified in-vivo bioactivities, duration March 2015 – February 20...

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Future Food Factory

Dissertation: Sugars, ethanol and tannin from spruce bark and recovered fibre

Katariina Kemppainen's thesis examined two abundant and underutilized biomass streams spruce bark and recovered fibres as biorefinery feedstocks for the production of sugars, ethanol and tannin.Valorisation of the industry-related side- and waste streams in a biorefinery context could help to reduce dependence on fossil resources and introduce new value chains and sources of income for the forest industry. The production of lignocellulosic biofuels and chemicals is driven by the increasi...

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Roadmap for improving protein self-sufficiency of Finland

Connected to security of food supply, protein self-sufficiency is a common concern in Finland. The aim of the roadmap work coordinated by VTT, in collaboration with Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) and funded by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Finland, was to identify means of markedly improving domestic self-sufficiency in supplementary protein from its current level of 15%. The strengthening of protein self-sufficiency was considered from many perspectives, including incr...

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Nutrition & Health

“Food for seniors” project found out what seniors want to eat

The overall aim of the Food for Seniors project was to develop enjoyable meals in convenient packages for senior consumers. The views of the seniors were in central role throughout the project. By far the only trained sensory panel in the world consisting of senior members was established in the project. Based on surveys among senior consumers it became evident that the current ready meals are generally not appreciated by seniors. There were seen deficiencies both in foods and packages. There...

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NEW ARTICLE: “Viking diet” - Health-promoting Nordic diet reduces inflammatory gene activity in adipose tissue

A Nordic SYSDIET study discovered that the health-promoting Nordic diet reduces the expression of inflammation-associated genes in subcutaneous adipose tissue. To a certain extent, the adverse health effects of overweight are believed to be caused by an inflammatory state in adipose tissue. Long-term research into the role of diet in the function of adipose tissue genes and inflammatory state remains scarce. The objective of the study was to find out whether the health-promoting Nordic diet a...

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