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Food Solutions

Two new papers on wheat bran bioprocessing

Two papers have been published about impact of wheat bran bioprocessing: on nutritional qualities of bran (Coda et al 2014) and on dough and wheat bread quality (Hartikainen et al 2014). The work of Coda et al (2014) is a continuation to that of Nordlund et al (2013) in revealing effects of bioprocessing on the nutritional value of bran. Coda et al (2013) studied the influence of bioprocessing on the nutritional quality and health effects of wheat bran of different particle sizes (750, 400, 1...

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NEW ARTICLE: Biscuits with enhanced nutritional qualities were developed

Biscuits are one of the popular cereal food categories, consumed as breakfast items and as snacks. The major constituents are typically wheat flour, sucrose and fat, making biscuits a rather energy dense and nutritionally poor cereal food. It is a food engineering challenge to increase the dietary fibre content of biscuits without affecting starch digestibility, structural and sensory characteristics, such as texture, colour and taste. The aim of the study of Sozer et al (2014) was to underst...

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Future Food Factory

Bio-based Packaging: a Green Food Saver

FAO Forestry Department is organizing Special event "Bio-based Packaging: a Green Food Saver" in collaboration with International Council of Forest and Paper Associations (ICFPA), Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI) and other partners. The meeting will be held on 9th May 2014 at Interpack 2014 (Messe Düsseldorf). Attendance is free of charge to all delegates to Interpack - from the packaging and food industries, NGOs, consumer groups, technical and design experts, and governments. ...

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EU BARLEYboost – Increased utilisation and consumption of barley for better health

The two-year EU-SME project BARLEYboost started in December 2013. It is coordinated by Nofima (Norway) and has two other research partners (VTT and INRA). The objective is to use new technology and innovation to increase the availability of healthy foods made of barley. 52 million tonnes of barley is produced in the EU every year, but only 0.6 per cent is used for food. Most is used for animal feeds and for producing alcohol. Barley is a good source of fibre. The European Food Safety Authorit...

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Nutrition & Health

New study about bread structure, oral processing and digestibility was presented in Food Structure and Functionality Symposium

Food Structure and Functionality Forum Symposium: From Molecules to Functionality was held in Amsterdam, 30 March-2 April. 290 international participants attended the conference. Senior Scientist Nesli Sozer (PhD) gave a presentation on "Bread structure in relation to oral processing and digestibility". The study has an interdisciplinary approach combining food processing, food structuring and nutrition. The study originates from previous work which showed that compositional and structural diffe...

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3rd International Conference on Food Digestion: impressions from the event and new presentation

3rd International Conference on Food Digestion was held in Wageningen on March 11-13, 2014. The Conference gathered 235 participants from 40 countries from all continents including Europe, Africa, America and Asia. Participants included scientists and companies interested in digestion models. The Conference was organized within InfoGest COST action (FA1005). InfoGest aims at building an open international network of institutes and scientists studying food digestion.

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