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Food Solutions

New presentation on using more from grains for development of healthy snacks of high eating quality

There is an increasing prevalence in snacking due to hectic life-styles. However, snack foods often are low in dietary fibre and protein and high in refined carbohydrates and fat. Incorporating healthy grain components such as cereal bran have typically a negative impact on snack palatability. Research team leader DSc Emilia Nordlund gave a keynote talk about technologies for healthy snack development in the Cereals & Europe Spring Meeting in Budapest in the end of April. The presentation ga...

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New presentation about oats products and consumption in the Nordic Countries

VTT’s Scientist Dr. Juhani Sibakov gave a presentation about oat processing and consumption in the Nordic Countries at the 20th IGV International Scientific Conference in Potsdam on 22th April 2015. The conference was entitles as “Healthy Grain for a Healthy Diet” and it gathered together 120 participants from 16 different countries. Majority of the participants were from the food industry.    

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Future Food Factory

NEW BLOG POST: Bio-packaging of food – How does it contribute to saving the world?

What are your connotations of food packaging? A means of safeguarding the passage of food through the manufacturing and transport processes and an opportunity to reduce society’s dependence on fossil fuels, or unnecessary packaging and great heaps of waste? A confectionary package is a classic example of wastefulness. Confections are set individually and sparsely in indentations of a plastic tray. After this, a protective plate produced from corrugated board, either plastic or cardboard...

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NEW PROJECT for Fusarium toxin control in the cereal production chain

Fusarium fungi and mycotoxins have been identified as a major quality problem in oat production. The level of Fusarium resistance in oat cultivars grown in Finland is low. The ultimate goal of DONCONTROL project (2015-2018) is to assure the safety of Finnish cereals (especially oats and barley) in changing climate and agricultural practices. The project provides (1) new information on Fusarium fungi (especially deoxynivalenol producers) and the factors influencing mycotoxins in farm levels and (...

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Nutrition & Health

VTT test can smell ketosis

VTT has developed a quick, easy-to-use ketosis test for consumers that can detect acetone on exhaled breath. The test will benefit diabetics and dieters in particular, but it can easily be adapted to other uses as well, such as the detection of the air pollutants formaldehyde or acetaldehyde. VTT is now seeking a partner to commercialise the product. Ketosis can now easily be detected on exhaled breath, which is much more convenient for the user than a urine test used for the purpose today. T...

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UNESCO Chair World Food Systems award for VTT scientist

For the first time, UNESCO Chair for World Food System together with Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation rewarded two researchers for the quality of their PhD thesis work and their contribution to a better understanding of food systems. VTT’s Research Scientist, Dr. Natalia Rosa-Sibakov was selected as one of the laureates of the price from her PhD study. Jean-Louis Rastoin and Guilhem Soutou, responsibles for the UNESCO Chair as well as for Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation rewarded Natal...

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